Elka Stage 5 ATV Racing Shocks

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Stage 5 ATV Racing Shocks

The Stage 5 ATV shocks are the latest evolution of our high-performance racing platform. It is designed around 3 key performance factors: high hydraulic flow, lightweight components and low-friction internal and moving parts.

The massive oil displacement of our new High-Flow internals allow a much more precise tuning and smoother damping action than anything else currently available for ATVs. Riders can get better bump absorption, greater comfort and will reduce their lap times significantly.

There is no need to explain all the obvious benefits from reducing the overall weight of your vehicle. By using lightweight components,such as our new redesigned springs, the Stage 5 shocks not only helps reduce overall weight but they can also be more responsive because there is less mass to move (less inertia).

The Stage 5’s low friction internals dramatically reduce the stiction, the initial stickiness caused by the friction of internal moving parts against the seals. All those features combined make the Stage 5 the most comfortable and best performing racing shocks on the market today.


New Dual Compression Regulation


NEW 1:1 RATIO HYDRAULIC DESIGN with bigger oil ports, provides 325% more flow than previous generation and provides the same flow capacity between compression and rebound stroke

Much less restriction of the oil flow = plush, predictable & consistent damping action

Less stress on internal parts = more durability and longer intervals between servicing

NEW ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN with components that are precision-machined from aeronautical grade billet aluminum

New sleek, lightweight reservoir with recessed cap to better protect the nitrogen valve

New lighter springs design with bigger outside diameter and less turns, providing important weight reduction while maintaing the reliability and intuitive ride-height adjustability of coil springs vs. air springs

Reduced weight and friction = less stiction, lower operating temperature = more resistance to fading

New crossover spacers design that reduces the accumulation of debris, therefore reducing wear on the body

New lightweight composite shock protectors to provide further protection against roost and other debris

New look and colors that blends well with any quad

NEW HIGH-FLOW DUAL COMPRESSION REGULATION and compression cartridge design which allows massive oil flow and less restriction

Separate adjustability of the high-speed compression and low-speed compression

New knobs design with more grip making them easier to turn

Calibrated tuning range to make it easier and more intuitive to achieve optimal settings

NEW LOW-FRICTION INTERNALS & PARTS with hard-anodized aluminium internal floating piston for low operating temperature

New aluminum body that dramatically reduces overal weight and better dissipates heat

Hard-anodized to very tight tolerances to improve durability and further reduce friction

Custom valving specifically tuned for your type of riding

Sturdy induction-hardened steel shaft and body

Durable premium quality triple-seal housing

New improved valvings that are developed and extensively tested not only with professional racers but also with riders from all levels of experience, ensuring optimal balance between performance, comfort and ease-of-use

New thread design on the aluminum body that provides more surface and less friction making preload adjustments much easier


FRONT: 36mm body, 16mm shaft
REAR (single shock): 46mm body, 16mm shaft